Why Bookkeeping Is Important

Bookkeeping is something that can take a lot of time. However, whether you are a sole trader or a multinational corporation, it is also vital. In this article, we are going to look at all the reasons why bookkeeping is important and why you should use the services of a professional bookkeeper.


Depending on the company the services of a bookkeeper can vary. This can include noting financial transactions on bookkeeping software, producing reports (for example balance sheets), checking figures and reports to ensure that they are accurate as well as noting any potential discrepancies or inaccuracies.

Furthermore, the benefit of having that information to hand for businesses is that they can get a realistic picture of their financial situation. This can make you look at how much is coming in- you may think that a certain demographic should be targeted, but if sales information suggests that another demographic is buying more of your products then you may need to adapt how you market them.

It can also allow you to gauge your level of expenditure- for example; you could save money by buying items in bulk, or using a cheaper wholesaler.


Another reason that using a bookkeeper is important is ensuring that your business is operating legally. If you do not keep accurate records or submit them late, then there is a strong chance that you could end up being heavily fined by the HMRC.


Of course, another massive aspect is productivity. By having someone else working on your bookkeeping, you can focus on developing products, improving services and getting a workforce together that can allow you to grow better in the long term.

Some people may be concerned that bringing in someone from the outside may be more expensive, in actual fact outsourcing a bookkeeping role as opposed to using an in-house bookkeeper can actually save you money. Others may counter this by saying “But I could save even more by using a friend or a family member!”

This is not advisable- while firing a bookkeeper you don’t know is awkward, this feeling can multiple if that person is a friend or a family member. Also, having a neutral perspective on your business can be a useful thing to have on board, as they could see potential issues that you may not have personally considered. The fact is they are likely to have worked with businesses in your field so that you can benefit from their experience.

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